Individual Training & Performance Coaching

Would you like to treat yourself to an exclusive coaching session?

In our private coaching, we work with you and your individual climbing or bouldering skills on your strengths and weaknesses depending on your focus and goals.

Our personal training takes place in several climbing/bouldering gyms in Munich, in the E4 bouldering gym in Nürnberg, outdoors on the Franconian rock and now also in Berlin (depending on the trainer). We are also happy to come to your local gym (additional fees apply: travel costs and admission price).

For our private sessions we have two categories (personal training and high-performance coaching) and further tailor these to your requirements.

Personal Training

Targeted individualised training with experienced coaches. 

Climbing grade: 4-7+ UIAA*
for specific training content see high-performance coaching

1 hour private session:             80,00 Euro
6 sessions (1 hour each):       428,40 Euro
10 sessions (1 hour each):     654,50 Euro
All prices include VAT but exclude gym admission

See below for course content and high-performance coaching prices.


  • Personalised technique and tactics training
  • belay techniques
  • rope handling
  • mental aspects of climbing
  • proper warm up
  • antagonist training (strength, conditioning and antagonist training)
  • building a climbing movement repertoire
  • learn how to top rope and lead climb

High Performance Coaching

Effective and personalised: We coach athletes up to the 11th grade!


  • Professional analysis of your climbing or bouldering style
  • Personalised technique and tactics training
  • Video analysis
  • Specific exercises for your weaknesses
  • Build a training plan
  • Nutritional advice
  • Mobility training
  • Mental training
  • Projecting strategy
  • Training after injury

Climbing grade: 7+ to 11 UIAA*
For specific training content see list above also possible independent of climbing grade

Our high-performance coaches prepare specifically for you and work together in an interdisciplinary manner so that you can get the maximum out of it.

Individual lesson:  95,00 Euro pro Stunde
6 lessons:                 535,50 Euro
10 lessons:               833,00 Euro
Single lesson mental training: 105, – Euro per hour
All prices include VAT but exclude gym admission

Message us and together we will find the right training for you.

Appointments can be cancelled up to 4 days before the start of the training, after this the full amount must be paid. Prepaid cards such as 6 or 10 lessons are valid for 18 months and will not be refunded after the first session. Terms and conditions apply.

* roped lead or top roping climbing grade. The category can still change when we get to know each other personally.

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