Climbing trip Costa Blanca

Viva España!


Location: Costa Blanca
Dates: 25.02.-04.03.18
Costs: 520,- Euro excl. flights, accommodation & rental car (4 persons per car)
Benefits: 5 days of climbing course with individual input supervised by our experienced and competent coaches, organization of accommodation, on-site organization & layout of day
Minimum number of participants: 6 persons
Accommodation: climbing camp near to Finestrat, costs ca. 30,- Euro per person in a double room.
Rental car: Ca 30,- per week, depending on the chosen insurance  (The participants book the rental cars themselves, we help with the coordination)



  • Gear and knot awareness
  • Basic climbing- and belay techniques
  • Lead and toprope climbing
  • Usage of climbing guidebooks
  • Development of belay competency
  • Individual technique and tactic training
  • First steps towards falling training
  • Mental aspects of climbing
  • Amazing pictures


Drizzeling rain, coldness and snow? Or do you prefer a climbing trip with sun, warmth an amazing rock? The Costa Blanca is a common?well known? Holiday destination and offers except of beautiful beaches and Mediterranean flair also high quality and perfectly secured rock with routes in all grades and orientations. The area is very widely spread and thanks to the little rainfall and the mild temperatures it´s a perfect winter climbing paradise

In the pleasant Spanish sun, we will spend a week climbing, relaxing and having a lot of fun!
This climbing trip is directed to climbers with more and less experience on natural rock. Within the group we will pay attention to your individual wishes. No matter if you want to dare your first steps leading, want to accomplish a new personal best grade or just want to spend a great, relaxed time with nice people – there is something for everyone. We also take care of choosing a suitable sector and making restaurant reservations.

We teach the basics that are necessary to climb independently, support you while projecting your dream route and also there will be plenty of time to focus on mental aspects.

The layout of the climbing trip completely depends on your wishes. There is the possibility to climb all day long until dinner, but also we can make enough time for coffee breaks and relaxation.

Don’t speak German? No problem! We speak English and several other languages, so please get in touch with us directly for more information about the trip in your language. Mail


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An in detail?


Arrangements for flights and local transport is to be organized by everyone themselves. You will get a contact list of the participants in advance, so that you can arrange carpools if you want.

Our week:

On the first day we start with a welcoming round and general information, whereupon we head out to the crag as fast as possible. We will climb for three days in different sectors, within which there will also be enough time for beach activities, recuperation and relaxation. We start our days around 9am and climb until around 5pm, depending on heat and orientation of the crag.

After three days of climbing we will have a rest day, so that muscles, skin and finger can recover. You can design this day completely at your will and unwind, so that we can climb for another two days afterwards.

Although we want to enable you to as much climbing and input as possible and as you like and plan our days accordingly, it´s still up to you in what way you participate in climbing and other activities (beach, ice coffee etc.). Who wants to design his day a bit different (sleep in, leave earlier for the beach…) can do this anytime! After all this is your holiday! 🙂

At the crag:

Certainly, we will cover safety topics initially, so that there is a secure feeling within the group.

During the week you get individual input about your climbing style and technique. We will shape the input during the day completely according to your wishes. Like that we will individually focus more on security, mental aspects, strength or technique and together build up the content over the week.

All of our coaches have yearlong climbing experience and have additional areas of expertise. Due to that there will be different small Workshops during the week and/or individual input about a variety of topics (i.e. mental Monday, technical Tuesday, rope handling and belay techniques are at a premium here 😉 ) depending on the special area of expertise of the trainers, whereas the corporate climbing is in focus.

It is important for us, that you don´t have to worry about anything during the week and can find complete recuperation. We take care of the creation of the climbing days, search for suitable sectors, make restaurant reservations and have plenty of ideas on how to spend your rest day. Be it actively or spending it at one of the beautiful bays. You decide ow intense your day may be and what is right for you.


We organize the equipment for you in advance, so that not everyone has to bring rope and quickdraws. To do this this we ask who can contribute which material beforehand to get an overview and then we let you know if rope or draws jump into the suitcase.

Rental cars:

To get from Alicante to our accommodation in Finestrat (around 35 km) and to reach the crags we are in the need of cars. For this, there will be 4 of you sharing a rental car each and the costs will be split within the group. The rental cars will be picked up directly at the airport and you will build car sharing already before arriving, depending on your arrival times, so that you can start together to the finca straight from the airport.


We take care of the reservation and payment of the accommodation in your name. Payment will take place in cash, on-site. We will stay in a nice climbing camp in Finestrat. The camp has dorms, as well as double and single rooms and there is also the opportunity to camp if you´re on a budget.  The house is equipped with a common kitchen and nice outdoor areas.


You can buy breakfast supplies and groceries for lunch in one of the supermarkets in Finestrat. Depending on the days and needs we can either cook together or we reserve a table in one of the Restaurants in town.


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