Effective and personalised climbing coaching

Train with us using the latest sports science and psychological methods!

On these pages you will find everything ranging from effective climbing training either in individual or group settings, up to performance-oriented competition preparation.

In addition, some of our coaches are fully qualified to provide climbing instructor training and furthermore to design and implement effective team training for your company.

For our climbing coaching, it is important to us to tailor our training methods to your individual needs, regardless of whether you are a beginner, expert or competitive athlete. We support you in achieving your training goal, whether it is climbing your dream route, increasing your bouldering level or standing on the podium.

We look forward to advising you and finding the right training program and coach for you.

Our goal is to pass on our passion for climbing and provide training at the highest standards.

To this end, our trainers continue to educate themselves in order to be able to provide you with the latest training methods!


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